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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 20, 2013

The Packers' pass protection is a big topic in today's link dump.

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Welcome to Football Friday, everybody! We're just over 48 hours from kickoff of the Packers-Bengals game, which should be a good one. If you missed our picks for this week, click here and see how Dan and I were savants in picking the Chiefs to go to 3-0 last night. Before we get into more Bengals previews, here's what's going on around the Packers' corner of the internet.

Packers running backs know duty is to protect Rodgers - JSOnline
For anybody still wondering why Johnathan Franklin hasn't taken any snaps on offense: this is why.

Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers finds some television access to be intrusive - JSOnline
I see where he's coming from. The post-game mob on the field is a little ridiculous.

Lining up with less: Unheralded offensive line is short and light, but effective | Packersnews
Hey, it's not Ted's fault that the only two offensive linemen taller than 6'4" are recovering from a torn ACL (Bryan Bulaga, 6'5") and a broken leg (Derek Sherrod, 6'6").

Clay Matthews wants to ‘pin his ears back’ -
Bring it, Clay. You got manhandled by Trent Williams last week - please show us that was a fluke.

The possibility of three 1,000-yard receivers - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Based on projecting out from two games, we would have four receivers with 80 or more catches and 950 yards, and three over 1,400 yards. That's absurd, but maybe three over 1,000 isn't as crazy as we thought.

Look for Tramon Williams to Line Up Across from A.J. Green | Cheesehead TV
It's an interesting thought, but one that would throw the entire plan that we've been told for the secondary out the window.

Browns trade rumors: Joe Thomas says 'we are all on the block' -
Get on that, Ted.

Nobody wants you, Jason Campbell -
The graph at the bottom is the best part. Well said, Jon.

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