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Packers vs. Bengals: 2013 Game Thread 3.1

Join us to discuss today's game as the Packers travel to Cincinnati to play the Bengals.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to game day! Today, our beloved Green Bay Packers will play the Cincinnati Bengals in a matchup of divisional winners from last year. Both teams enter the game with 1-1 records,

Check out our full coverage of this week's game, and if you need a quick primer on any of the broadcast or other details, we've got you covered here as well.

Eddie Lacy and John Kuhn are both inactive, which means that the Packers will have only two running backs dressed today in James Starks and Johnathan Franklin. How will that affect Green Bay's playcalling and personnel decisions on third downs and in obvious passing situations? We'll find out shortly. Until then, sit back, relax, get your keyboards handy, and let's discuss the game!

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