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Packers vs. Bengals: 2013 Game Thread 3.2

The Packers take a 16-14 lead into halftime. Join us for the second half!

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Early on today, the Packers looked like a train wreck. Before the offense even stepped on the field, the Cincinnati Bengals had a 14-0 lead after a long opening drive for a touchdown and a muffed kickoff return by Jeremy Ross.

The defense showed up after that, though, as they forced four straight turnovers, including a forced fumble returned by M.D. Jennings for the Packers' only touchdown. Three field goals by Mason Crosby, including one right at the end of the half, gave the Packers a 16-14 lead, and they will receive to open the second half.

In injury news, Jermichael Finley suffered a concussion and is out for the day, while James Starks was being looked at on the sidelines at the end of the half.

Here are the Packers' stat leaders:

Aaron Rodgers: 7/14, 64 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions

James Starks: 14 attempts, 55 yards

Jordy Nelson: 2 catches, 26 yards
James Jones: 2 catches, 22 yards

Mason Crosby: 3/3 Field goals, 1/1 PATs

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