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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 23, 2013

Today's curds need to take an angry look back at yesterday's awful Packers loss.

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Hi, folks. It's a crappy Monday for Packers fans, and unfortunately we will be reliving Sunday's loss to the Bengals for two weeks. Fortunately, with all the injuries suffered by key players yesterday, we have two weeks for them to recover. Let's jump right into the second-guessing and frustration that is sure to come with giving away a winnable football game.

Fourth down failure will haunt McCarthy, Packers - JSOnline
I still think that McCarthy made the right call to go for it. As Football Outsiders' Aaron Schatz tweeted, "The Green Bay fumble-and-TD-return by Cincy doesn't make the GB decision to go for it on fourth down wrong. It means fumbling is bad."

O-Line paves way for another 100-yard rusher but... - JSOnline
Of course, I was all set to give Franklin the game ball on offense. Then he quite literally gave it away...

Johnathan Franklin’s day runs the gamut -
Franklin on the fumble: "I was trying to make a play and everything, and I know the game was on the line right there. I’ve got to get better. I can’t do that."

Injuries take heavy toll on Packers - JSOnline
Oh joy. Of course, we not only lost the game, but three starters as well. I never thought I'd be happy about a week 4 bye.

Notebook: Matthews exit 'a preventive measure' | Packersnews
If Clay Matthews doesn't have to leave the game, how much differently does the defense play in the second half? My bet is it's a substantial difference.

Rants and Raves: Batted balls deflate final drive | Packersnews
This is a pretty good recap of the good and bad from Sunday. I don't remember Rodgers having that many passes batted down at the line before.

Rodgers takes blame, helps teammates recover -
Don't ever let it be said that Aaron Rodgers doesn't admit when he plays a bad game.

"Chips Report" from Week 3 Packers Loss at Bengals | Cheesehead TV
No argument here. The Doctor had one of his better games as a Packer, and Jordy was the best player on offense (again).

49ers coach, GM made decision to play Aldon Smith on Sunday -
On an unrelated note: "Smith is checking into a rehab facility, but Jim Harbaugh still wanted the pass rusher to be on the field for Sunday's game." Of course he did. I'll go on the record that I think that Smith shouldn't have been in the stadium, let alone in uniform, and that I think Harbaugh should have sat him down yesterday.

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