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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4, 2013: Packers Drop, Major Fluctuations Everywhere

In APC's fourth installment of our power rankings, the Packers take a tumble while a divisional rival enters the top 5 for the first time this year.

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Tuesday is Power Rankings day in the NFL pundit world, and we at APC are no exception to that rule. It's painful, but the Green Bay Packers saw a precipitous drop in just about any power ranking you can think of this week after their ugly, miserable loss to Cincinnati on Sunday. Week 3 threw just about everybody's rankings out the window, though, as there was huge movement all over the place. We'll start out by looking at where Green Bay is ranked by other NFL writers, then get to our power rankings as we head into the Packers' bye week.

SBNation: 13th (down 7 spots from 6th last week)
ESPN: 12th (down 7 spots from 5th) 10th (down 4 spots from 6th)
Yahoo!: 10th (down 2 spots from 8th)

Acme Packing Company's Week 4 Rankings

Rank Team Change
1 Broncos NC
2 Seahawks NC
3 Saints +3
4 Patriots NC
5 Bears +5
6 Chiefs +7
7 Bengals +2
8 Dolphins +4
9 Colts +6
10 Ravens +1
11 Packers -6
12 49ers -9
13 Cowboys +1
14 Texans -7
15 Falcons -7
16 Lions +7
17 Titans +5
18 Panthers +11
19 Eagles -1
20 Jets +7
21 Rams -5
22 Chargers -1
23 Cardinals -3
24 Browns +6
25 Giants -8
26 Bills -1
27 Redskins -8
28 Steelers -4
29 Raiders -3
30 Vikings -2
31 Buccaneers NC
32 Jaguars NC

Where are we horribly off? Do the Packers deserve to be lower than the 49ers, despite Green Bay losing a close but sloppy game on the road and the Niners getting blown out at home? Let us know in the comments.

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