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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 27, 2013

In today's curds, we struggle to stay afloat through the longest bye week ever.

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John Grieshop

Happy Friday, everyone. Of course, it's not all that happy of a Friday, since the Packers are 1-2 and don't play again for another nine days. In the meantime, let's find something to take our minds off that bye week. What do you say? Ready to click that mouse a few times? I thought so.

Packers still like Marshall Newhouse - JSOnline
Um...okay...what does that even mean? They're not replacing Bakhtiari or Barclay any time soon.

Packers eagerly await completion of new training area - JSOnline
On-site training/walkthrough field? Nice.

Mike Vandermause column: Rodgers not clutch? Evidence says otherwise | Packersnews
Boom. Quiet down, crazy people. We'll have more on this later on today.

Secret Superstars: Week 3 | Pro Football Focus
Despite his crucial fumble, Johnathan Franklin gets some love.

Through three games, the Packers slipped behind the Bears in the race for the NFC North, but they're still the third-best team in the NFL in FO's DAVE stat. They also have the fifth-highest odds of winning the Super Bowl.

A Packers Fan Experience at an Away Game | Cheesehead TV
This great piece by Jayme over at CTV takes a look at the live experience of going to a football game and makes me ask the question: is more information always a better thing?

Breaking Madden: Let's bring Brian Hoyer down a peg -
Jon never picks me to be a horrible football player in any of his simulations :(

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