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Packers Bye Week Blues: Cheer Up by Adopting a Team!

With the Packers bye week this week, Tony takes a look at some other teams to root for in Week 4

The pride of Wisconsin, J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans are up for adoption... sort of.
The pride of Wisconsin, J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans are up for adoption... sort of.
Thomas B. Shea

Imagine yourself in an animal adoption center, strolling down each and every aisle looking for one great companion that will hold you down over for "X" amount of time. You walk past the kittens, the obnoxious parrots, the ugly dogs and FINALLY, you see what you want. A yorkie, of course. (EDITOR'S NOTE: wrong. Obviously, it's a corgi ) From that point on, all is well until you two separate under whatever circumstances.

Packers fans, look at this bye as "X" amount of time and this column as the pet shop. Your longtime companion, the Green Bay Packers, are out of commission and now, you need something else to love.

Of course, you aren't forgetting what was (last week and the Packers), but you just need a fling of sorts to get you through the bye week. You need another companion (NFL team). And me, I'm just the cool guy running the shop, trying to get you a companion for the week that won't bite you in the ass down the road. So let's take a look at some teams you can adopt this Sunday.


For years, the Pats have been one of the easier teams to root against. This week, Packers fans should consider adopting the Patriots because they are heading into a big game tomorrow night against the Atlanta Falcons.

Last year, the Falcons gave the San Francisco 49ers a run for their money in the NFC Championship game and they don't look like they're heading backwards anytime soon. Matt Ryan is good, Roddy White is a little nicked up with an ankle injury, but he will play and Steven Jackson has given this Falcons team another dimension that should see them going deep into the playoffs. They too are starting off slow, at 1-2, but if Tom Brady and the Superfriends could keep the Dirty Birds down, that's more opportunity for the Packers to pull ahead.

We'll see if Bill Belichick is willing to work his Spygate magic and help the Packers out this week by sending the NFC threat Falcons down into a 1-3 hole. The New England Patriots are up for adoption.


Remember earlier when I said that there was potential for your new adoptee to bite you in the ass down the road? I was specifically talking about teams like the Detroit Lions, who have another NFC North rival on their hands this week in the Chicago Bears. Right now, both rivals are ahead of the Packers in the division and both are more-than-capable of biting you later on.

The Chicago Bears are undefeated through three games and the Lions are 2-1. If the Lions could just put a dent in Chicago's armor this week, it would keep the division at bay sort of. Chicago won't be running off in the division and the Lions are more likely to defeat themselves down the road than the Bears are - even if Jay Cutler is their quarterback. The Detroit Lions may be a little frisky, and you may not want them for long at all, but they too are up for adoption.


The Steelers are in a hole early, going winless through its first three games. They have not be very entertaining to watch and things are looking bad early for the historic franchise this year. Bringing it back to the adoption analogy, the Steelers are one of those old, ugly dogs that has had its best years behind it.

You only need to adopt the Steelers for one reason; to beat the winless Vikings. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Steelers are up for adoption.


The Kansas City Chiefs have been a very fun team to watch in the early going. They are 3-0 with a huge chunk of the credit going to Coach Andy Reid and his staff - as well as quarterback Alex Smith. This week, they take on the New York Giants, who haven't won a game yet.

As we all know, the Giants are familiar with having to respond with their backs against the wall. If the G-Men were to squeak into the playoffs this year, they are proven road-warriors and they could be a hard time for anyone they face. Right now, root for the Chiefs to take care of business and keeping the Giants as far away from the playoffs as possible. The Chiefs are up for adoption.


This week, the Houston Texans have the undefeated Seattle Seahawks. With teams like the 49ers and Falcons struggling early, the Seahawks have taken full advantage. I wouldn't expect for the Falcons or Niners to remain down for long (SF won on Thursday). This means that the fight for the Wild Card spots will get intense down the road. If the Packers are to keep up, someone is going to have to slow down.

The Texans beating the Seahawks would help out the Packers in the NFC but there is also another angle here. J.J. Watt has emerged as one of the best defensive players in the NFL and he is from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Packers fans should look to see the pride of the state help out its beloved franchise this week. The Houston Texans are up for adoption.


I like to look at the Cleveland Browns as the unwanted pet. Its not sexy, its ugly, it smells and it sheds everywhere. So why would you want it? Simply because they have the Cincinnati Bengals, the team that beat the Packers last week. No other reason. The Browns are up for adoption and they look to avenge our primary companion's defeat.

If there is a team that you feel should be adopted by Packers fans, please let us know. Otherwise enjoy your temporary companions and make sure they don't bite you down the road. The Packers will be back sooner than the blink of an eye.

Who will it be?

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