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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 4, 2013

Wherein we find that Clay Matthews wants to hit Colin Kaepernick. A lot.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

It's Wednesday, people, and that means four more days until Green Bay Packers football! Want to read about Clay Matthews hitting people? You're covered. How about Morgan Burnett talking to his mentor? We have that too. Can't get enough power rankings before the season even starts? Great! Look down at the fourth link. Football is back, folks; it's real, and it's spectacular.

San Francisco 49ers scouting report: Few holes on stout defense | Packersnews
Pete Dougherty takes a spin around the 49ers roster to give you his scouting report.

Rodgers, new backup Wallace share Nor-Cal background | Packersnews
That's fun. But let's only see one QB from Northern California take any meaningful snaps this year, mmkay?

For Morgan Burnett, goal is see the ball, take the ball - JSOnline
If Morgan Burnett is going to get advice from a former player, I'm totally okay with that player being Nick Collins. Here's hoping Burnett makes that big fourth-year jump that Collins, Darren Sharper, and Leroy Butler did.

NFL Power Rankings Week 1 - National Football League - ESPN
If you can't get enough power rankings and SBNation's from yesterday weren't enough for you, here are ESPN's rankings, where the Packers land one slot lower than they did on ours.

Green Bay Packers' read-option plan: Hit the quarterback - ESPN
Clay Matthews: "One of the things that the referees have told us is that when these quarterbacks carry out the fakes, they lose their right as a quarterback, a pocket-passing quarterback, the protection of a quarterback." Yes. Hit Colin Kaepernick, hit him early, hit him often, and hit him hard.

Which teams have the toughest four-game stretch to start the season? - Yahoo! Sports
Well look who's number one. It could be another long September, Packers fans.

Introducing fantasy failball, a world where Mark Sanchez has value - brilliant.

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