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Packers vs. 49ers Gameday: Game Thread 1.0

The Packers' finally kick off 2013 against the team that ended their 2012 season.


It's finally here. The Green Bay Packers finally kick off the 2013 season this afternoon as they travel to San Francisco to take on their playoff nemesis from last season, the 49ers.

After a 1-3 preseason which saw the Green Bay first-team offense held without a touchdown, Aaron Rodgers and company will get their first extended action of the year. We should find out in relatively short order how the addition of Eddie Lacy impacts the offense, especially against a talented, physical defense like that of the Niners.

Who will be the first Packer to score a touchdown in the 2013 season? My bet is on Jermichael Finley, for no other reason than a gut feeling. Let us know what your predictions are for that, or for any other factor in the game.

Join us in the comments as we discuss the game.

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