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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 9, 2013

The first post-game curds of the year aren't exactly a happy bunch of links.

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Jeff Gross

Welcome to the first Monday of football season, where fans of most teams are left to either wallow in self-pity or get overly excited about a single win. Many Packers fans are in the first category, but I refuse to see only negatives in last night's game. We'll have plenty of analysis over the next day or two, but then it's time to start preparing for another playoff team next Sunday, so there's no time to wallow in sadness. Football rolls on!

Mike McCarthy says he'd accept penalty again - JSOnline
This relates back to the illegal formation penalty to give MM a decision between a 4th and 1 or 3rd and 6. I'm not so sure I agree, but I'm not a head coach so who am I to judge?

Packers secondary the weak link as Anquan Boldin runs roughshod - JSOnline
I actually agree with this comment from McGinn: "But if the San Francisco 49ers don't trade that sixth-round draft choice March 12 to the Baltimore Ravens for wide receiver Anquan Boldin, they don't outlast the Green Bay Packers on Sunday."

Jolly has big role on D-line in return | Packersnews |
I think his play was a big reason why the defense was able to contain the 49ers' ground game.

Kaepernick does it again vs. Packers | ESPN
Yes, let's use ESPN's arbitrary and ridiculous Total QBR stat - a number which nobody really understands how it is computed - to show how epically awesome Kaepernick was. Puke.

"Chips Report" from Week 1 Packers Loss at San Francisco | Cheesehead TV
Shocker - the safeties get the dishonor of the "cow chip" this week.

NFL Debrief: Terrelle Pryor for MVP and other irrational reactions to Week 1 -
Need more irrational frustration after the first NFL Sunday of the year? Here you go.

Dez Bryant takes out frustration on Gatorade cart after injury -
These tirades are more fun in baseball, where players can beat the coolers with large, blunt objects.

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