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NFL Draft 2014: Packers Scouting Badgers at Wisconsin Pro Day

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Though Chris Borland was the biggest name, safety Dezmen Southward put up the best results in the athletic drills in Madison on Wednesday.

Wisconsin safety Dezmen Southward
Wisconsin safety Dezmen Southward

We aren't necessarily intending to give more coverage to the Wisconsin Badgers' Pro Day than that of other schools, but...oh what the heck, sure we are. A lot of you out there are Wisconsin football fans too, and probably have an interest in how the Badgers' NFL Draft prospects did in their workouts today.

Well first and foremost, we can confirm that the Green Bay Packers did indeed have a representative in attendance at the McClain Center adjacent to Camp Randall Stadium today. That person was none other than their director of college scouting:

Clearly, the team is taking this crop of prospects seriously, as they should. The Badgers ran a 3-4 defense in 2013, and many of their defensive players appear to be good scheme fits for the Packers. Inside linebacker Chris Borland is one example, as is nose tackle Beau Allen, who told the media after his workouts that he had a meeting with a certain Packers General Manager at the East-West Shrine Game.

As for the workouts themselves, Allen had a solid day, posting 30 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press, a number which would have put him 10th among all defensive linemen at the Scouting Combine. Safety Dezmen Southward might have been the star of the workouts, though. He did not run drills in Indianapolis, but said he was timed in the 4.3s on his 40-yard dash to go with a reported 42-inch vertical leap. The concern with Southward though are his coverage instincts, which is why he is considered by many to be a late-round pick.

Borland and tight end Jacob Pedersen both ran the 40-yard dash as well. Evan Flood of was on site and timed Borland at 4.65 and Pedersen at 4.74. No "official" results are reported, but depending on the individual times of the various scouts, those two players may indeed have improved upon their Combine tests.

We'll have more reports from various Pro Days as the next few weeks roll on.