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2014 NFL Draft: What Are Your Plans?

Until the draft, weekends are slow. We want you, the readers, to tell us about your plans for draft week.


In the interest of drumming up some discussion on the weekends, we have decided at Acme Packing Company to start posts on these slow, off-season weekends in which we want to find out about you, the readers. We'll call these posts the "Saturday Socials".

This weekend's question is simple:

What are your plans for this year's NFL Draft?

Up until 2010, the draft was a two-day, weekend event. Rounds one through three were on Saturday and rounds four through seven were on Sunday. It was a long weekend, but a fun one, and die-hard football fans could host all-weekend-long draft parties to take in the festivities.

for the past four years, however, the NFL's model has gone to a three-day schedule with round one on Thursday night in primetime, rounds two and three on Friday evening, and the rest on Saturday afternoon. By spreading it out and putting much of the early, intriguing action in primetime, the league of course gets more advertising and more TV ratings.

So tell us, what will you be doing for the draft this year? Will you watch only one or two days' worth, or will you watch all weekend long? Or will you just check the internet after the weekend is over to see who the Packers' draft choices were? Will you be watching with friends and family, or on your own? These are the things we are curious to know, and which should start some discussion in the comments below.

Please also vote in the poll as to your plans for the First Round specifically on Thursday, May 8th.