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Packers Will Not Host 2014 NFL Draft Party at Lambeau Field Atrium

There will be no official Draft Party at Lambeau Field next week.

Matt Ludtke

In the past, the Green Bay Packers have typically hosted a draft party at Lambeau Field for their fans on Day one of the NFL Draft to celebrate the league's premier off-season event and to unofficially "welcome" the newest Packer(s) to the team.

Sadly, if you had plans to attend that draft part next Thursday night for the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, you may have to make a change in your plans. The Green Bay Press-Gazette's Amy Bailey reported the news first:

This should not be a significant surprise, though, since construction has been going on for much of this offseason. The project includes excavation to add a new ground level, relocating Curly's Pub to the first floor, and many other tasks which are listed here.

The good news, though, is that Curly's Pub will still be open on draft night and will be televising the draft. There just will not be a formal event next week as there has been in years past.