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APC Mock Draft, Picks 51-53: Packers Pick Sliding Stephon Tuitt in Round 2

The pick might not fit a perceived need, but we project the Packers to get great value with their second-round selection.

Jonathan Daniel

I'm sure you've been waiting to see who our projection for the Green Bay Packers' second-round selection will be. I am also anticipating some blowback for the selection, since it does not necessarily fit a position of perceived need. However, sometimes you have to crawl inside the mind of Ted Thompson, and that mind always seems to be focused on getting the best player available. In the case of our mock draft, it was not a safety or a tight end, but someone who would likely help the pass rush.

But first, let's get through picks 51 and 52.

#51: Chicago Bears (Dan)

Kelcy Quarles, defensive tackle, South Carolina

After going CB in the first round instead of the popular projection of DT, the Chicago Bears must take a DT in round two — enter Quarles. Quarles will be nice depth player for the Bears and could potentially be a stud in a few years. Quarles will be effective at the three-techinique spot, but could also play the NT and the five-techinique if the Bears were to add more hybrid fronts, something they've discussed internally. At 6-foot-4, 297 pounds, Quarles is a load and was often times overshaddowed by his teamate at SC, Clowney. Quarles can play ball just as good as Clowney, and the Bears would be getting a bargain at pick No. 54.

Previous selection:
1.14 Darqueze Dennard, cornerback, Michigan State

#52: Arizona Cardinals (Aron)

Zach Mettenberger, quarterback, LSU

Carson Palmer isn't going to last much longer, and getting Mettenberger here gives them a quarterback option they can groom for the future.

Previous selection:
1.20 Dee Ford, outside linebacker, Auburn

#53: Green Bay Packers (Tex)

Stephon Tuitt, defensive end, Notre Dame

Who's better at grabbing slipping players than Ted Thompson? Tuitt's injury concerns drove him down the board here, but the 6'5", 305 Tuitt would make a great addition to the Packers' defensive line as a 5-technique end to rotate with Datone Jones and rush from the inside on passing downs. The value for Tuitt here would be too good to pass up, and as we've seen in past years, you can never have enough healthy bodies along the defensive line. Green Bay should still be able to find quality players at safety and either wide receiver or tight end with their two round 3 picks.

Previous selection:
1.21 C.J. Mosley, inside linebacker, Alabama

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this selection.