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2014 NFL Draft Order: Packers Pick 21st in Round One

Here's a reminder about the draft order for tonight's first round.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

In case you have forgotten, the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft is tonight. 32 picks will be made, with a ten-minute time limit separating each one. On the clock first are the Houston Texans, who went from a popular Super Bowl pick in the preseason to the worst team in the league by the end of the year.

Two first-round picks have changed hands before the start of the draft, with several more surely to follow. The 2nd pick was part of the trade that brought Robert Griffin III to Washington, D.C. while the 26th pick went from Indianapolis to Cleveland in exchange for running back Trent Richardson.

The Packers are scheduled to pick 21st, which would make them the first playoff team to make their pick. They "earned" that distinction by having the fewest regular-season wins of any playoff team that lost in the Wild-Card round (and any playoff team at all in 2013).

Here is the full order of picks for the first round as it currently stands. Remember to join us at 7 PM Central to discuss the start of this year's draft.

Pick Team 2013 Record
1 Houston Texans 2-14
2 St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) 7-9 (WAS 3-13)
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12
4 Cleveland Browns 4-12
5 Oakland Raiders 4-12
6 Atlanta Falcons 4-12
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12
8 Minnesota Vikings 5-10-1
9 Buffalo Bills 6-10
10 Detroit Lions 7-9
11 Tennessee Titans 7-9
12 New York Giants 7-9
13 St. Louis Rams 7-9
14 Chicago Bears 8-8
15 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8
16 Dallas Cowboys 8-8
17 Baltimore Ravens 8-8
18 New York Jets 8-8
19 Miami Dolphins 8-8
20 Arizona Cardinals 10-6
21 Green Bay Packers 8-7-1
22 Philadelphia Eagles 10-6
23 Kansas City Chiefs 11-5
24 Cincinnati Bengals 11-5
25 San Diego Chargers 9-7 (IND 11-5)
26 Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts) 4-12
27 New Orleans Saints 11-5
28 Carolina Panthers 12-4
29 New England Patriots 12-4
30 San Francisco 49ers 12-4
31 Denver Broncos 13-3
32 Seattle Seahawks 13-3