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SB Nation Interviews New Packers Wide Receiver Davante Adams

Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation talked to Davante Adams at the NFLPA Premiere event. If he's as good on the field as he is in interviews, then the Packers got a good one.

Davante Adams, the Green Bay Packers' second-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, has had a bit of an adjustment period in going from the hot summers in Fresno, California to preparing for cold winters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In an interview with Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation, Adams discussed that transition, as well as some on-the-field differences between his experience at Fresno State University and what's to come as a Packer.

Here are a few snippets from the interview.

Adams discussed his surprise at being picked by the Packers:

I had no clue I was gonna be there...I talked to them once at the (Scouting) Combine, but other than that, no trips out there, no private workouts, nothing...They called me like two picks ahead and said 'we're gonna take you here if you're not taken before that...we're excited about it.' I was thrown off by it because I saw Green Bay on the phone but Chicago was on the clock.

Discussing the differences in offensive styles between Fresno State and Green Bay:

We did the up-tempo and the no-huddle and everything was basically just signals...We didn't go under center at all at Fresno (State), we even took a knee out of first year at Fresno we did the same thing, West Coast and under center and all that. The playbook is a lot more thick and dense

When asked what he knows about Wisconsin, Adams responded with some uncertainty:

Um...for some reason there's cheese? ...Cheese...and it's not that warm. (At) Fresno I think we had a few practices at 110. I don't think we'll see that in Green Bay. I might need a truck.

Adams also wants a pet monkey named Julius Ceasar and would prefer to have the power of flight over any other superpower. He also has about 100 pairs of shoes and thinks he should realistically have an overall rating of about 85 in this year's Madden NFL video game but will actually be in the 70s.

I think we got a winner, folks.