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Packers 2014 Offseason Review: Does Green Bay Need to Upgrade at Guard?

In short, the answer is no.


As we discussed earlier today, the Green Bay Packers guards played very well in 2013. The starters, Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang, combined to play all but 28 possible snaps on offense, and they performed admirably while doing so and switching positions from their previous seasons.

As we look ahead, however, it is worth examining the long-term stability of the position to see if investing in another guard would be worthwhile. However, you may have noticed that we did not have a "free agent" post for the guards today - that's because all five players on the Packers' roster who primarily play guard are signed through at least the 2014 season.

Let's start at the top with Sitton. He played at an All-Pro level this season, so he's certainly not going anywhere based on his performance. Sitton signed a contract extension at the start of the 2011 season, so he's locked up through 2016. Combined with the 2011 season, that deal will have paid him a little over $5.8 million per year. In other words, the left guard spot is locked in for the immediate future, with a potential restructuring before the 2016 season.

T.J. Lang has a similar lock on the right guard position, though. He also is signed through 2016, thanks to a five-year deal he signed in the 2012 off-season. He's not making quite the same kind of money that Sitton is, but he's not too far behind at $5.2 million annually. Based on his solid 2013, it would be a major shock to see someone else as the starter at right guard.

The other guards are also locked up for a while. The undrafted players, Lane Taylor and Greg Van Roten, are on three-year contracts. Taylor, a rookie in 2013, is signed through 2015, while Van Roten is in the second year of his deal and is under contract through 2014. JC Tretter (if you're counting him as a guard) is on a four-year rookie deal that keeps him locked up in Green Bay through the 2016 season.

Overall need: 1/10

As we've established, the Packers' starters each have comfortable contracts that are paying them around market value for their services and run through the next three seasons. Backups are in place and under contract, so it would be a big surprise to see the Packers bring in any outside free agents to try to bolster the guard position. Don't expect Ted Thompson to draft any players with the intent of bringing them in to compete at a guard spot either - not when there are other positions with far more urgent need caused by poor performance or expiring contracts.