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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 10, 2013

Our congratulations to out to the Packers' Kevin Greene, who was announced as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Thursday night.

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Good morning, Green Bay Packers fans. This is the first Friday before a Packers game since September and the first without the team involved in real football work since July. It sucks, everybody.

That said, the coaching carousel is in full swing and the off-season approaches, so it means more player evaluations and pieces on the business side of the NFL. Also, Hall of Fame finalists were announced yesterday, and one of the 15 people has a major Packers connection.


Firing head coaches is becoming more commonplace in NFL | The MMQB with Peter King
Andrew Brandt has a rather unique perspective on the NFL, and it's on display again here as he discusses the firings of Ray Rhodes and Mike Sherman as Packers head coaches.

Next up for Cobb? Developing as outside WR - JSOnline
If Cobb can do that, he'll be more valuable to the team and also probably to himself, as outside receivers tend to have significantly bigger contracts than their slot-only counterparts.

An early look at the Packers' draft needs - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
Here's the look at what the Packers need in the draft from ESPN's writers. There will be a lot of these over the next several weeks and months.

Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014 finalists include Michael Strahan and Walter Jones -
And Kevin Greene, current Packers outside linebackers coach. He's the only player on the list with any significant ties to Green Bay.

Louisiana College's Vujnovich signs with Green Bay Packers | The Town Talk
Here's an interesting story on one of the Packers' recent signings - Jeremy Vujnovich - who declined a contract offer after rookie minicamp last year to work at a manufacturing plant instead.

11 NFL Players Who Sound Like They Belong In Game Of Thrones - Buzzfeed
Can't you imagine Jake Stoneburner or James Starks in the show?

Breaking Madden: Never count out 'Touchdown' Tom Brady -
As always, come for the ridiculous Madden NFL experiments. This time, stay for a terrific Star Trek: The Next Generation reference.