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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 14, 2014

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In today's curds, a divisional rival loses out on their first choice for head coach and another blog speculates on a free agent who could be a good fit for the Packers' defense.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are mercifully not in the midst of a head coaching search right now, unlike two of their rivals in the NFC North. On Monday, the Lions appeared ready to send a private jet to San Diego to pick up Ken Whisenhunt, but were notified at the last minute to keep the wheels on the ground. I guess that's why this tracker listed the flight as "delayed".

In any case, the Packers' actions or inactions in free agency will be projected and analyzed to no end, and we take a quick look ahead in today's curds to one incumbent Packer and another player who could be a good fit on the defense.

Eat up!

Bob McGinn - Packers' season by the numbers - JSOnline
For those wanting to cut Tramon Williams: he led the team in turnover plays with 8, by far his biggest number in a season since 2010 (12).

Kuuuuuhn hopes he's baaaack - ESPN Wisconsin
If John Kuhn does indeed get another contract with the Packers, he'll get a smaller deal than the last time he hit free agency, after the Super Bowl win.

Brian Orakpo would be perfect for Packers' defense |
If Ted Thompson were to sign a serious free agent to upgrade the defense, I'd have no problem with seeing Orakpo in Green Bay. Given that Matthews and Perry are both around, though, it seems unlikely.

Deion Sanders tweets he'll play in the Pro Bowl, Jerry Rice is more lukewarm -
If you needed more proof that the Pro Bowl is a waste of time...

Tennessee Titans hire Ken Whisenhunt as Head Coach - Music City Miracles
All I can say is "LOL, Lions".

Why did Ken Whisenhunt pick Titans over Lions? - Pride Of Detroit
Here are a few speculative reasons why Whiz took the Titans job instead of coaching the Lions, who look like a much better team on paper.