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2014 NFL Playoff Picks: Conference Championship Games

It's the Broncos hosting the Patriots in the AFC, and the Niners playing the Seahawks in the NFC this Sunday. Here are our picks for the games.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Three more games, everyone. That's all that's left of the NFL season. Two of them will take place this Sunday afternoon, and both have fascinating, totally-not-overdone narratives that the media love leading up to kickoff.

In the AFC, you have Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. There's nothing better from CBS' perspective than the two oldest and best quarterbacks in the conference playing against each other on the biggest stage. I bet if we looked it up, 80% of the games that Jim Nantz and Phil Simms worked this season (aside from the game on Thanksgiving Day) would have featured one of these two teams.

Then in the NFC, it's the new "most heated rivalry in the NFL" or something. For football fans, it should be a fun game because both teams play a similar kind of ball - each team has a powerful running game, a mobile quarterback, and a stifling defense. Oh, and don't forget the contrasts between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, because if that hasn't been beaten to death already, it will be by Sunday.

Anyway, the winners go to New York for the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl, for which we will likely get updated weather reports every 30 minutes over the next two weeks to try to project the conditions at kickoff.

(Can you tell I'm a little tired of the narratives yet?)

Here are our picks for this week's conference championship games.

Author Regular Season Record Playoff Record AFC: Patriots at Broncos NFC: 49ers at Seahawks
Tex 162-93-1 (.635) 4-4 (.500) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium
Jason 167-88-1 (.654) 5-3 (.625) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium
Josh 162-93-1 (.635) 6-2 (.750) Den_medium_medium Sf_medium_medium
Tony 152-103-1 (.596) 4-4 (.500) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium
Dan 162-93-1 (.635) 4-4 (.500) Den_medium_medium Sf_medium_medium
Eric 174-81-1 (682) 5-3 (.625) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium
VCF 167-88-1 (.654) 5-3 (.625) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium
Consensus 167-88-1 (.654) 5-3 (.625) Den_medium_medium Sea_medium_medium

That's right, we're unanimously picking Denver to win at home in the early game, and have a majority picking Seattle. If that comes true, it would be the first Super Bowl featuring the #1 seeds from both conferences since the 13-3 Saints beat Manning's 14-2 Colts in Super Bowl XLIV after the 2009 season.

Give us your picks in the comments, and enjoy the games!