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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 21, 2014

Senior Bowl practice is in full swing, bringing draft speculation right along with it.

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If our kicking off the offseason roster review of our Green Bay Packers didn't make it clear to anyone that evaluation season is in full swing, all the news from the Senior Bowl this week should do the trick. The first practices of the week finished up on Monday, and there will be some huge number of articles written all week analyzing and overanalyzing the play of each of the players present.

That said, you know darn well that Ted Thompson is in attendance along with probably another handful of Packers scouts as they start to set up the Packers' draft board as the days tick down to the start of the 2014 NFL Draft in May. Today's curds address a variety of evaluations. Enjoy!

Packers' safety position could get helped by the NFL draft - JSOnline
This headline writer has been filing his articles under "O" for "Obvious". That said, Dunne mentions some later-round prospects from the Senior Bowl who haven't been talked about much and who are good names to keep in mind.

Senior Bowl Day 1 practice report -
Expect a bunch of these this week. Keep an eye on Pittsburgh's Aaron Donald, who could make some 3-4 team very happy at the 5-technique end position

RB Harris undeterred by injury, crowded backfield | Packersnews
Gotta love Wes' writing style: "After Lacy took a flamethrower to the franchise rookie record book, it’s easy to forget about Harris, the former car salesman who breathed life into an otherwise lethargic rushing offense in 2012."

Ranking the roster, part six: 1-10 - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
I have no argument with any of these guys being in the top 10.

Packers Should Heed the Lesson Learned from Jerron McMillian as a Cautionary Tale | Cheesehead TV
I agree 100%, and it's why I think Evan Dietrich-Smith should be one of the Packers' top priorities in free agency.

Tom Crabtree gets yelled at for being Michael Crabtree -
A tale of two Crabtrees. The one Packers fans like wasn't in Seattle on Sunday night but instead was, as he said, "in bed cuddling (his) pug".