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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 30, 2014

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The Packers' fullbacks share the spotlight with the Super Bowl in today's curds.

Matthew Stockman

There are just three more days until the Super Bowl is over and we can all stop hearing about Peyton Manning's legacy and Richard Sherman's mouth (at least for a few months). Personally, I'm much more interested on what happens on the field than off on Sunday, and we have some links for you today about just that.

Of more direct importance to the Packers and their fans are the stories about fullbacks John Kuhn and Ina Liaina today, while the backup quarterback position gets some attention as well.

Enjoy today's curds as your week begins to wind down, and keep it here for our Super Bowl picks and our breakdowns of the outside linebacker position.

Bob McGinn - Packers should take a page out of the Broncos' book - JSOnline
The argument here is that the Packers' depth should be filled out with veterans on one-year deals rather than young players. That would require a major shift in perspective for Ted Thompson and company.

Agent optimistic about Kuhn's return to Packers | Packersnews
The agent for fullback John Kuhn hasn’t had any contract talks with the Green Bay Packers but is optimistic about his client re-signing with the team.

Ina Liaina goes from bouncer to broker to NFL fullback with Packers - ESPN
Here's a little more on the newest Packer, who has some fun side jobs, much like DuJuan Harris did.

Having a Ball - ESPN Wisconsin
Here's a look at Montee Ball's arrival in Denver and his tutelage under Peyton Manning and Knowshon Moreno.

Mariucci on Packers Backup QB Situation: "It Beehoves You to Have a Veteran" | Cheesehead TV
If the Packers take Mariucci's advice to heart, Matt Flynn will be back in Green Bay in 2014.

Super Bowl XLVIII: Secrets of the Seahawks secondary -
This is an interesting point - the Seahawks don't mix up their coverages much. They just win with traditional man-to-man and Cover-3 designs.

The Notebook: Can the Broncos hold off the pass rush for a Super Bowl win? -
"Now it's been said that the Broncos have 'fixed' their run defense...well, I'm calling bullshit on that." Love it.

Why can't you call it the Super Bowl? -
Here's a look at just why many companies can't use the term "Super Bowl" in advertising for themselves - namely, because the NFL is both forced to resort to legal action and has no problem doing so.