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Which Packers Player Would Be the Ideal Cyborg?

We're bringing back the social lunch break for the offseason, and we kick it off with a question for Packers fans about which player would improve the team most if he were made into a cyborg.

Dilip Vishwanat

With the movie RoboCop hitting theaters soon, we got to thinking: which member of the Green Bay Packers would fans like to see made into a cyborg? There are a few major options out there for Packers fans, and we'll make a case for a few of them below.

We decided to look at a few factors here: injury history, value to the team, and how much having a cyborg brain and strength would help at the player's position. Sure, it's a little silly (probably a lot silly), but it's that time of the year anyway, and a ridiculous but amusing thing to think about over your lunch break. Pick your top choice in the poll below and tell us why you voted that way in the comments.

Aaron Rodgers

Packers fans saw this year how losing the single most-important player on the team to injury, but there are other reasons for giving Aaron Rodgers robotic abilities. Sure, the metal skeleton would prevent bone injuries and allow him to take more punishment in the pocket with minimal damage. What would be even better would be QB12 having mechanically calibrated passes combined with a computer-enhanced brain to project the perfect throw to his receiver down field.

Clay Matthews

Another player whose injury history could benefit from cybernetic enhancement is Matthews, whose thumb and hamstrings have been issues recently. That said, electronically-timed reflexes would allow the Claymaker to time his jump off the snap even quicker and improved strength would let him toss tackles aside like rag dolls or easily collapse the pocket. A computerized brain could even give Matthews the ability to recognize the read-option better and ensure that he tackles the player with the ball in the backfield each and every time.

Eddie Lacy

Much like RoboCop brings justice to criminals, Lacy lays punishment on defensive players who are foolish enough to try to defy him. Tackling Lacy now is difficult enough, but imagine trying to take him down when he's half-robot.

Morgan Burnett

Probably the weakest position on the team this year was at safety, and Morgan Burnett was not the veteran, stabilizing force that the team needed on the back line. The brain is key here - it would minimize mental mistakes and ensure better play recognition by the safety, allowing for ideal pre-snap adjustments and improved safety coverage on each and every down.

Jermichael Finley

He's not under contract for 2013, but a serious injury put his football career in jeopardy. Much lik

Those are our options, Packers fans - who would you want to be your RoboPacker?