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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 6, 2014

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We mourn the end of the Packers' season, and especially the painful way it ended.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I'll make this short and sweet. Last night's game sucked. The Green Bay Packers are now left to focus on the draft and free agency while eight other teams are still playing football, which sucks. The defense was in shambles by the end of the game, which sucked. The offense couldn't get in the end zone when it was critically necessary, which sucks.

So yeah, today sucks. We'll spend some time this week mourning the Packers' playoff loss before we start to get 100% focused on how the team will improve itself for the 2014 season.

Packers' game plan comes up short against 49ers - JSOnline
I agree to a point, and losing one of your starting corners to an injury early has to make the coaches start to rethink said game plan.

More support for Dom Capers after another season ends - JSOnline
If the players have any substantial say in the matter, defensive coordinator Dom Capers won't be going anywhere this offseason.

Despite loss, Packers' youth shows maturity in battle against injuries - JSOnline
The Packers had two "healthy" outside linebackers left on Sunday, and both of them were hobbled pretty badly.

Hyde lets golden opportunity slip through fingers | Packersnews
I feel like this play was the Packers' 2013 defense in a nutshell, having a player so close to making the big play but ultimately not being able to cash in. As many have said, championship-caliber teams make those big plays at big times. Hopefully Hyde will have many more chances to do so in 2014 and beyond.

Insider: Thumbs up to Kuhn, down to Crabtree's big day | Packersnews
Right on about Crabtree - for whatever reason, the Packers have been unable to cover the 49ers' top receiver in each of the two games in the 2013 season.

49ers 23, Packers 20: 2-minute drill - ESPN Wisconsin
I don't think the front office can spend enough time evaluating safeties this off-season, both the ones currently on the roster and those available in the draft. Morgan Burnett's big contract looks like a big mistake right now, and I'll readily admit I was wrong about him.

Packers were offsides on near block of game-winning field goal -
In case you were as devastated as I was when the ball went through House's wouldn't have mattered anyway.

2014 NFL Draft order: Picks 1-24 set following first week of playoffs -
As the team with the worst record losing in the Wild-Card round, the Packers will pick 21st, the highest pick of the playoff teams.