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Packers Receiver James Jones Will Test Free Agency in 2014

The Packers' second-leading receiver in 2013 is ready to see what other NFL teams think of him this off-season.

Tom Lynn

The Packers can be assured that at least one starter who is approaching free agency will be testing the market for his services. Wideout James Jones, who set a career-high in receiving yards this season, will wait until March to see what teams think of him, according to the Journal-Sentinel's Tyler Dunne.

Jones apparently does not have a firm idea of what type of contract he is looking for, as this comment to Dunne indicates:

The last time Jones hit the open market was after the Packers' Super Bowl run in 2010. Jones found the market very soft for a receiver who had not exceeded 50 receptions, 700 yards, or 5 touchdowns in a season and was perceived to have an issue with drops. Instead of signing elsewhere, Jones waited until just before training camp to sign a three-year deal with Green Bay in 2011, and he became a steady (albeit not flashy) starter since then.

Jones' single-season highs can be found below, and his highs in all categories have come under that three-year contract. In fact, Jones led the league in receiving touchdowns in 2012.

Category Career High Season
Starts 15 2012
Receptions 64 2012
Yards 817 2013
Yards per reception 16.7 2011
Touchdowns 14 2012

Jones made $3.25 million in 2013 in the last year of that three-year contract. In the coming months, we'll see what interest a solid #2 receiver draws around the league.

Also worth noting in Dunne's first tweet is that starting center Evan Dietrich-Smith is also poised to test the free agent market after re-signing with the Packers as a restricted free agent in 2013.