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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for January 8, 2014

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It's time for the Packers to start digging deep into the construction of the roster and thinking about how they plan to improve certain areas for next season.

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Welcome to Wednesday, everyone. It's the third day of the Packers' offseason, and the second day had quite a few interesting revelations, especially from Aaron Rodgers' radio show. We broke down a few key points that he made yesterday, but there's one that we didn't get into that is crucial to the team's handling of his injury.

In addition to that, we have a look at just how incredibly bad the Packers safeties were in 2013, as well as some looks back through the season.

Finally, keep in mind that Mike McCarthy will be speaking for the final time this season at 11:00 AM CT today. That will be streamed live on and we'll bring you details from his press conference after it is complete.

Rodgers: Re-breaking collarbone would've been significant setback - ESPN Wisconsin
That's no surprise, but it at least helps to explain why the team was so conservative about keeping him out of the lineup for so lond.

Green Bay Packers' wild-card playing time breakdown - ESPN
Here's a look at the snaps by each Packers player in Sunday's playoff loss.

Plays that shaped the season: No. 9 - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
We'll probably link out to these each day. Tuesday's was Matt Flynn's return to the field in Green Bay, as he helped the Packers salvage a tie against the VIkings.

Fixing the Green Bay Packers Defense Must Start at Safety | Bleacher Report
Zach Kruse breaks down just how mind-bogglingy disappointing the Packers' safeties were in 2013 and offers some potential remedies in both the draft and free agency.

NFL Mock Draft 2014: Consensus have Teddy Bridgewater No. 1 -
Here's an early look at how several Mock Drafts view the top 10 in this year's NFL Draft.

What if the NFL had expanded playoffs in 2013? -
This is an interesting look at what would happen if the NFL had added a seventh playoff team for this season. I'm inclined to think they would go with three wild-car games in each conference, which would make for a crazy first playoff weekend.