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Davante Adams' Fantasy Breakout Put on Hold by Unfortunate Penalty

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The play that could have signaled Davante Adams' arrival on the fantasy football scene was erased by a key holding penalty on Sunday.

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John Konstantaras

I have been singing Davante Adams' praises here on multiple occasions over the past few weeks when discussing his fantasy football value. While he hasn't proven me right just yet, he came darn close to doing just that a week ago, when he hauled in a ridiculous touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers against the Chicago Bears.

Of course, you know by now that Adams' score was called back due to a holding penalty on center Corey Linsley, but that doesn't make his impending breakout any less present.

You see, though Adams caught two passes for 18 yards on Sunday on plays that counted, his stat line could have looked like a nice flex play if not for the penalty: three catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. That's an 11-point day in standard formats, and would have made starting him look pretty smart.

An argument against Adams' breakout coming in the next few weeks is the Packers' expanded use of their "Tiger" package (two tight ends, two receivers). However, the rookie still played 37 of the Packers' 52 offensive snaps on Sunday (71%), a larger proportion than in any of his first three games.

Make no mistake, Adams is still a boom-or-bust candidate, and until he proves that he can get more than 3 targets per game with any consistency, he'll be limited to that. This week, I'd likely leave him on my bench due to his game taking place on Thursday night. But I'd make damn sure that he's on my bench if you can put him there, because I am confident that when tantalizing offensive matchups against the Panthers' and Saints' secondaries come up in a few weeks, he'll be a big part of the game plan.

Oh, and just for funsies: here's that ridiculous touchdown again.


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