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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 1, 2014

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Josh Sitton hates Thursday games. A lot.

Joe Robbins

Do you dislike watching the Packers play on Thursday nights? Well, several of the Packers' players hate those games far more than you do. The Packers will play the Vikings tomorrow night in an NFC North battle, but the offensive line (among others) voiced their displeasure with the NFL's decision to schedule those games.

We've also got a look at why one particular tight end can't break onto the field on offense and an examination of the old question about which players at one position benefit from their teammates at another. Enjoy!

Packers offense still not where Aaron Rodgers wants it |
With rain in the forecast on Thursday night, the Packers will need to have better success running the ball than they have in the first quarter of the season.

Sitton on weekly Thursday games: 'I think it's stupid' |
Don't mince words, Josh, tell us how you really feel.

Notes - Brandon Bostick still trying to master new position | JSOnline
That position includes being in-line, in the backfield, and split wide, and until Bostick proves to his position coach that he knows his assignments everywhere, he's not seeing any snaps on offense.

Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers getting familiar with Minnesota Vikings' new rushing leaders | FOX Sports Wisconsin
By familiar, Paul Imig doesn't mean on a first-name fact, Matthews didn't even know the names Matt Asiata or Jerick McKinnon at all, just calling them the "guy who can run really hard" and "the little guy."

Greatness a group effort | ESPN Wisconsin
Does a great quarterback make his receivers look good or vice versa? Well, why can't it be both? Even Aaron Rodgers needs some talented weapons at his disposal, and though he might not have the depth of the 2011 group to throw to, there's still a lot of talent available.

NFL picks, Week 5: Packers, Chargers locks to win -
Good call, SB Nation panel.