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Texans Sign CB Jumal Rolle away from Packers' Practice Squad

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Despite having a roster spot still open, the Packers have reportedly lost one of their most promising practice squad players to another team on Wednesday.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers have been carrying 52 players on the active roster since linebacker Andy Mulumba went on injured reserve a few weeks ago. Despite having the ability to promote one of their ten practice squad players to the active roster, they have chosen not to do so. Apparently, that decision has come back to bite general manager Ted Thompson, who just lost one of the more promising players to another NFL team:

Frankly, I'm stumped by this move. With an open spot, Thompson could have certainly extended Rolle a contract offer matching that of the Texans in an effort to keep him in Green Bay. The fact that Rolle signed with the Texans means one of two things:

1. Thompson did not think highly enough of Rolle to offer him the last open roster spot; or
2. Thompson did offer Rolle a matching contract, but Rolle declined and preferred to take the job in Houston.

After the impressive camp he had, many (APC included) expected Rolle to make the team ahead of fellow corner Demetri Goodson, though Goodson suffered a concussion late in training camp which may have contributed to the decision. Still, even with six corners on the roster, if Thompson thought highly of Rolle it would make little sense to save that roster spot for some other reason.

That brings me to scenario number two. It's possible that Rolle did get an offer from both teams, and chose the Texans instead. It's also possible that money could be a factor and that the Texans gave him more than the league minimum (though that seems unlikely). We won't go down the rabbit hole of speculation on why Rolle might pick Houston over Green Bay if given both options, but we'll just say that on either team's roster, he would likely be buried on the depth chart and be a gameday inactive on a regular basis.

Looking back to the Packers' roster construction, this doesn't even address the odd move of keeping just 52 men on the roster, which is a separate issue entirely that we'll save for another day.

Ultimately, Rolle's departure is puzzling, but should not affect the 2014 version of the Packers very much, as they will stand confident in their group of corners.