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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 10, 2014

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In today's curds, we look at the cornerback question facing Ted Thompson at the end of the season and we celebrate Clarence Beeftank's return to Breaking Madden.

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Gregory Shamus

Happy Football Friday to you, Green Bay Packers fans!

With the Packers headed to Miami this weekend to play the Dolphins, the heat and conditioning is on many people's minds, and the running back rotation will be a key factor to keeping the offense churning on Sunday afternoon. If the running backs are effective, the Packers will be more likely to convert on third down and keep offensive drives alive, and will be able to rest their defense on the sideline.

That sounds like a winning recipe to me, and those factors are examined in today's cheese curds, along with a number of other factors.

Packers making room for House |
Thoughts on Davon House? He's been a stud so far this season on the outside in the nickel package (save for some slipping on the terrible turf at Soldier Field), allowing a passer rating of just 59.9 on throws into his coverage.

Notes - Packers' ground attack is built for two strong backs | JSOnline
So far, James Starks has alternated games being used heavily, then almost not at all. But both he and Lacy are key parts to this offense and should continue to build off each other, especially this week when fatigue should be a concern in the Miami heat.

Offensive Line Rankings | Pro Football Focus
The Packers rank seventh on the PFF list, and would be even higher if not for Derek Sherrod's insertion into the lineup for a few games.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy shows his lighter side - ESPN
Seriously, Mike? Whose favorite candy is a Clark Bar? The Butterfingers I get... Anyway, McCarthy apparently thinks that his quarterback is extremely happy with his life off the field (yes, we're talking about Rodgers and Olivia Munn here).

Packers Offense Needs to Do Its Defense a Favor: Convert Third Downs | Cheesehead TV
This goes back to the struggles Aaron Rodgers referenced in the second quarter against the Vikings, when the only first down recorded by the offense was Rodgers' touchdown pass to Davante Adams. Extending drives and keeping the defense off the field will be critical.

Breaking Madden: BEEFTANK returns -
Five feet tall. 400 pounds. Age 76. Fast as the Dickens, and perhaps even faster. At long last, the hero of Breaking Madden has returned.