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Dichotomy is the Word of the Day for the 2014 Packers

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We dig deep into the thesaurus today to answer Marshall Faulk's weekly question for SB Nation.

Kena Krutsinger

The Marshall Faulk question of the week is back, and he wants us to be creative this week. Here's his prompt for this week, and it's a little tough:

Let's see. The 2014 Green Bay Packers have been a difficult team to pin down with one word, or even a single sentence. After a few poor performances early on, the team has bounced back with a vengeance the past two weeks. The offense has had spurts of brilliance and periods of ineptitude, on occasion even alternating back and forth between the two in the same game. The defense has excelled defending the pass, but struggled mightily to stop the run.

That's it. My word to describe the Packers through five games is "DICHOTOMOUS." That is, seeming to be divided in two. Comic book fans might prefer I call them "Two-Faced."

The word extends to many phases of this team, and we'll start on offense. Aaron Rodgers has been alternately brilliant and average. They can put up 390 yards and 30+ points one week, then just 223 and seven the following game (those were the stats from the Jets and Lions games, for clarity's sake).

Then look at the defense in more detail: the rushing defense is 32nd in yards allowed, but the team has allowed the seventh-fewest passing yards. The pass rush can record just two quarterback hits in one game, against the Bears, and come back for 16 the next week on Christian Ponder.

The question becomes how long will this team keep up its Jekyll and Hyde appearance? Well, for the first time, they have strung together two solid performances in their wins over Chicago and Minnesota. However, with the offense stalling out in the second quarter last Thursday, it's no guarantee that they have things fixed on that side of the ball. Packers fans hope to start sustaining success in all phases of the game, however, and the solid drives put together by Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, and company in the third quarter against Minnesota helped to inspire some more sustained confidence that the team will break out of this mold and be the consistently dominant team that they'll need to be in order to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in Februrary.

How long do you expect the Packers to continue their dichotomous ways? Let us know in the comments.

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