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Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth Impersonates Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay

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Did you see Aaron Rodgers in a pancake house in Green Bay this summer? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?

Don't worry, Aaron. Your job is safe.
Don't worry, Aaron. Your job is safe.
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Few people have a true doppelganger in this world, but Aaron Rodgers is one of them. After learning of his similarity fo the quarterback (or perhaps Rodgers' similarity to him), British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth made a journey to Green Bay during Packers training camp this year to seek out the Super Bowl MVP and finally meet the man who everyone in town thinks he is.

Along the way, Tom fools hundreds of Green Bay natives, gets a key to the city, and rides bikes with his newfound teammates for a training camp practice before finally getting into the locker room and getting Discount Double-Check lessons from his look-alike himself.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from Tom's conversations with Packers players:

Randall Cobb: "Are you sure you're not Aaron?" 
Tom: "Pretty damn sure."

Josh Boyd asks Tom to "tell Coach McCarthy to put me on the goal-line package."

Let's just say we should all be glad that Rodgers is the one throwing passes for the Packers instead of Wrigglesworth.