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The Packers' Two-Minute Drill Is Just Fine, Thanks

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It's not our typical GIF recap, but we answer this week's big NFL question using the best file format on the interwebs.

Mike Ehrmann

As we do each week, today we will be answering a question from Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk about the Green Bay Packers. If you've been following APC this season, you know that those questions have been anything from "describe your team so far in one word" to "who has been the most consistent player on your team."

This week's question to the SB Nation blogs concerns a team's performance in the clutch, particularly when a team is behind late in the game. Here's Faulk's question in video form:

Hmm. Argh. Man, Marshall, that's a tough one this week. Carolina's defense is just okay. Let me think about this...


Okay cool, yeah, that was awesome. But maybe that was just a fluke? After all, the Bears' D last year wasn't much to write home about...


Oh. Yup, we're good. Packers win.

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