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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 2, 2014

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Your gameday cheese curds are here for the mid-week NFC North battle.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Happy early gameday, Packers fans! We're less than 12 hours from kickoff between the Packers and Vikings, so we're getting our last previews and preparations wrapped up today.

One of the best pieces in a while is over at Cheesehead TV, where their resident film expert broke down a few key plays from Sunday's win over the Bears. hats off, Robert, for a great job.

We've also got a look at Eddie Lacy and where his struggles are coming from this year. Once again, we'll remind everyone that Lacy's yards after contact average is almost the same in 2014 as it was a year ago (2.21 versus 2.27 in 2013), but the contact is just taking place regularly in the backfield.

Keep it here as gameday rolls along towards kickoff.

Packers preparing for Teddy Bridgewater |
The Packers' coordinators discuss the Vikings' quarterback situation, the weather conditions expected tonight, and more in their media interviews.

Dom Capers more focused on stopping receivers | JSOnline
The tradeoff for a defensive coach is always deciding which players to take away. Against the Bears, he focused on receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, exposing the middle of the field. The key now is figuring out how to slow down opponents' running games while still limiting their pass offenses.

Shotgun isn't what's slowing the Packers' Eddie Lacy - ESPN
Lacy's numbers from shotgun runs have dropped only slightly, while his yards per carry average on runs with the quarterback under center are down over a yard and a half.

Vikings changed culture with Mike Zimmer |
Much like in Detroit, a coaching change has brought a new jolt of life to the football culture in Minnesota. Unlike Jim Caldwell, though, Zimmer is known for being more of a fiery personality.

Xs and Os: Packers-Bears Film Study Review | Cheesehead TV
Great stuff here from Robert Olson, discussing how the Packers used a perfect "curl-seam" play design to crack the Bears' Cover-3 defense.

Ray Lewis of Lambeau -
The general story about how Ray Lewis almost became a Packer is well-known among Packers fans, but some of the details of the story may not be familiar to you. Almost all of the Packers' scouts involved (four of whom are now NFL GMs) recount the events of that day.

2015 NFL Draft report: Determining running back value -
Here's an early look at the running back class for the 2015 draft, which is likely to find a lot of top-level talent declaring this winter.