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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 20, 2014

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Victory hangovers feel so good.

Mike McGinnis

Since "R-E-L-A-X", the Green Bay Packers are 4-0 and have outscored their opponents by a score of 145-68. Oh, and Aaron Rodgers is completing over 70% of his passes with 13 touchdowns and no picks.

Feeling relaxed yet?

Granted, Green Bay has one of its tougher games of the season coming up against the Saints in the Superdome on Sunday night, but with the way they have played over the past month there's no reason to think that Green Bay shouldn't be right in the game all the way through.

Instead of looking ahead to that game though, we'll look back at the destruction of the Panthers and some of the interesting things that took place in week seven.

MVP doesn't interest Aaron Rodgers |
Mike McCarthy asked the media "Why are we comparing him to (2011)? Isn't today good enough?" Yes indeed, Mike, yes it was.

Cobb making end zone his domain |
Jordy Nelson's comment about Cobb's touchdown streak is pretty great: "I'm trying to catch him, but he keeps following me up with one."

Green Bay Packers' Randall Cobb likes hot dogs, just not on jersey - ESPN
For the record, it was a batch of cheese curds that got dumped on Cobb, not a hot dog:

Packers' 'NASCAR package' wreaks havoc for Cam Newton | JSOnline
The quartet of Nick Perry, Mike Neal, Julius Peppers, and Clay Matthews did a terrific job containing Cam Newton on third downs. The QB still ran for 41 yards, but by my count, only twice did he pick up a first down on the ground.

Bears locker room gets heated after loss to Dolphins -
Welp, Chicago is 3-4, and it doesn't appear that anybody, least of all the Bears' fans, are happy about it.

Rams fake out Seahawks for a punt return touchdown -
If you haven't seen this play yet, it should be required watching. This was absurd.

Seahawks tried to trade Percy Harvin for Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron -
LOLWUT. Yeah, okay Schneider...I understand it's a negotiating tactic to ask for something far better than what you actually want in return, but this is just absurd.