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Even Aaron Rodgers' Incompletions are Thrown Accurately

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It's not enough to complete nearly 90% of your passes if you can't get the ball boys involved as well!

Joe Robbins

On Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, Aaron Rodgers completed 19 of the 22 passes that he attempted (on downs that counted, anyway). That's an astounding 86.4% completion percentage, the best of any quarterback in week seven - it was one notch better than Austin Davis' 18-for-21 day and a little better than Peyton Manning's 22-for-26 performance.

But what is absurd is that even when he's pressured and throwing the ball away, it seems that Rodgers is trying to keep his accuracy on-target. The play referenced below was wiped out by a defensive penalty, giving the Packers five yards. Still, Rodgers is flushed out of the pocket and on the run, but still manages to drop his pass perfectly into the arms of an awaiting ball boy on the sideline.

To answer your question, Ben, we're betting on something around 97%.

Rodgers is a perfectionist in everything he does - just look at the replay of his reaction to his slightly overthrown ball to tight end Richard Rodgers in the second half of Sunday's game. He was livid, and he clearly expects every throw to be in a place where his receivers can have an opportunity to make a catch. With that in mind, why wouldn't he make sure that, even on a meaningless throw, he's practicing his craft?