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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 22, 2014

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The Saints have been really good at home in prime time lately. That trend needs to change on Sunday night.

Rob Carr

Regardless of the perception of their opponent this week, Sunday's week 8 matchup against the Saints should very well be one of the Packers' tougher games of the season. While the Saints sit at a record of just 2-4, they have been much better at home, winning both home games and losing each time they have played on the road.

Compounding that issue is the fact that the Saints have not lost a home prime time game in over six years. Tough? Sure. But I would find it hard to bet against Aaron Rodgers with the way he's playing right now.

What You Might've Missed: Receivers blocking & defenders shifting |
Here are some examples of what A.J. Hawk brings to the defense - it's not always about the plays that he makes himself, but sometimes it's about getting everybody else in the right position for them to make a play.

Aaron Rodgers: 'I think about how long I can play in this league, definitely' - JSOnline
Will Rodgers break the touchdown pass record now held by Peyton Manning? It would be incredibly difficult, but the Packers QB does discuss what it might take to get there.

Jordy Nelson racing toward 1st Pro Bowl |
The route Jordy ran on his touchdown on Sunday is a perfect way to attack the Cover-2 defense with a downfield pass. Yes, it relies critically on timing and accuracy, but we all know those are two of Rodgers' strengths.

3 Coordinators, 3 Questions: Green Bay Packers keep opponents on their toes | FOX Sports
Here are some thoughts from Capers, Clements, and Slocum. A focus here is on young players whose roles are gradually expanding.

New Orleans Saints home success should concern Green Bay Packers - ESPN
Well sure, the Superdome has historically been a huge home-field advantage for the Saints. But if anyone can beat them in their own building, it's a team with a better QB and a great pass defense. Sound like any teams you know?

The Jets want Percy Harvin to be himself -
I'm sure this will end with all involved parties being perfectly happy.

Kansas City Chiefs cut Jerel Worthy from practice squad, add a guard - Arrowhead Pride
Worthy was replaced by the son from the Addams Family, Jarrod Pughsley.