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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 23, 2014

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Playing man-to-man coverage against Jordy Nelson with no safety help? Good luck.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we are seven games into the 2014 season, the Green Bay Packers' identity has taken shape. The keys are Aaron Rodgers slinging the ball to Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, but on defense it's a solid pass rush combined with a vastly improved secondary that are leading the way.

In today's curds, we look at one of the matchup nightmares for opposing defenses (Nelson), and how he has been handled so far this season. Also, one player returns home this week after a long time away.

Packers ‘expect the unexpected’ from Saints |
They're expecting a lot of craziness from Rob Ryan in particular, and as Mike Spofford notes, they'll need a good start to the game because it's unlikely that they would be able to come back from a 21-0 deficit like they did against Rex Ryan's Jets.

Back home in the Dome, Eddie Lacy wants to have 'one of the biggest games of my life' | JSOnline
Eddie Lacy left Louisiana and LSU behind when he committed to Alabama. Now he'll get another chance to play in the Superdome, where his Crimson Tide won a national title a few years back.

Brees: Rodgers showing why he's 'one of the best' |
18/1. That pretty much says it all through seven games.

Bye won't factor in Sam Shields' status - ESPN
Don't expect the Packers to be cautious with Sam Shields just because they have a bye week next Sunday. As Mike McCarthy said on Wednesday, "when he's ready, he'll play."

Attention deficit | ESPN Wisconsin
One-on-one coverage for Jordy Nelson? That's bad news for any secondary, especially one that has struggled like the Saints. Jordy's not counting on getting those single matchups this week.

The Lions' biggest play of the season -
Nice play design by the Lions and a poor job by the Saints' secondary led to Detroit's winning score last Sunday.

NFL teams ranked by Scrabble points -
We're number seven this week! Go Pack Go!