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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 24, 2014

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Jordy and Randall are among the best at their jobs in the entire league.

Mike McGinnis

Wide receivers and safeties - those are some of the big topics being discussed by the various Packers blogs and media outlets as we lead up to Sunday Night's game. It makes sense - after all, the passing game is expected to be on display on both sides of the ball with Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees squaring off.

With the receivers in mind, we have some stats for you suggesting that both of the top wideouts in Green and Gold are among the very best at their respective roles. That's probably not something that will surprise you, but the numbers themselves might, and they suggest that the Packers should be able to move the ball at will against the Saints this weekend.

Enjoy, and keep it here for more Packers-Saints coverage throughout the weekend.

Randall Cobb has found his ‘groove’ |
The touchdowns were there early, but it took a bit for the yards to come around. Cobb now looks like the player everybody expected him to be this season. Oh, and regarding Sunday night's game...


Is Jordy Nelson the Best WR in the NFL? | NumberFire
Cobb's great, but Nelson has been a monster all season long. The case can certainly be made that Jordy is number 1 with the advanced numbers provided here.

Notes - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix may start | JSOnline
This is where the astute fans will note that Clinton-Dix has essentially been playing as a starter already ahead of Micah Hyde, but Morgan Burnett's injury could mean that the two are on the field together for most of the game this week.

McCarthy, Capers adjust on the fly |
Though the running game and the 4-3 front were major points of emphasis this season, the Packers' coaches have wisely stuck with what's working - namely, the passing game and the 3-4 and its many variations.

Brian Urlacher -- Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears an elite QB in salary only - ESPN Chicago
I doubt the Packers' offensive linemen will take kindly to Urlacher's comments. When discussing Cutler in comparison to the other elite quarterbacks in the league, the retired Bear said that "Rodgers has no offensive line. (But) he wins."

Green Bay Packers' D takes offense to shootout talk - ESPN
The defense is confident in their ability to limit the Saints' offense. While I don't necessarily think they'll stop New Orleans from putting a good number of points on the board, I do think they're capable of making one or two big plays late that can turn the tide in Green Bay's favor.

Peyton Manning wasn't mad at Broncos fans; he was mad at Denver's scoreboard operator - Mile High Report
It's officially dramatic in Denver!