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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 27, 2014

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We're sad (and maybe a little hung over) today, so apologies for the late batch of curds.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. After a nice four-game stretch with great success, the Green Bay Packers fell back to earth a bit last night in New Orleans, getting beaten handily by the Saints in the Superdome.

We're of course bummed out about the result, but as you can read in our Takeaway piece from earlier this morning, the sky is not falling and it's not time to panic. Let's go through today's curds and try to put the ugly parts of last night's game behind us and move forward.

Homecoming bittersweet for Eddie Lacy |
Obviously Lacy would have liked the final score to reflect his big day better, and I'm sure he would have hoped to find the end zone. Unfortunately, a career-high 182 total yards went for naught.

Notes - Packers offensive line feels the loss of Lang | JSOnline
Remember that JC Tretter appears ready to return after the bye week, so if Lang is forced to miss any substantial amount of time, that loss should be mitigated at least somewhat.

Cobb strikes up another big play |
Stop me if you've heard this before - Aaron Rodgers extends a play with his mobility in the pocket and finds Randall Cobb breaking loose from the defense. Oh, and a ninth touchdown for #18. He's certainly making his case for a nice big contract over the past several weeks.

Packers' run defense back at the bottom - ESPN
Womp womp. That was yet another game with nearly 200 yards given up on the ground. And this time, the pass defense wasn't good enough to bail out the front seven.

Left Limping | ESPN Wisconsin
Let's just say that if Aaron Rodgers was going to tweak a hamstring, it's a good thing it happened right before the bye week. Though he wouldn't admit that it hindered him much, Mike McCarthy clearly thought it did, and the play action pass was almost entirely removed from the playbook after that point.

"Chips Report" from Packers Week 8 Loss at Saints | Cheesehead TV
Even though Tramon Williams gets a cow chip this week, (dis)honorable mention should go to the Packers' entire run defense.

J.J. Watt mocks Zach Mettenberger's selfies with sack celebration -
We love you, J.J. Watt.