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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 29, 2014

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At mid-week, the players receiving passes from Aaron Rodgers are under the microscope.

Stacy Revere

Double-coverage, fake spikes, and laundry detergent. Yes, the third one does have something to do with the Packers' wide receivers, as you'll see in this morning's cheese curds.

It's a batch heavily-focused on the Packers' skill position players, as we find a look at how the Packers were able to spread the ball around to multiple receivers when one was taken out of the game by the defense. There's that and much more below.

What You Might've Missed: Saints kept eyes on Nelson |
Because of the extra coverage and attention on Jordy Nelson, players like Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy, and Davante Adams were able to have bigger performances and carry the load in the receiving game.

Davante Adams could be big factor for Packers | JSOnline
The fake spike certainly looks like one of the biggest plays of the first half for the Packers, and with the way Adams has performed in the last few weeks (and with the coverage on Jordy mentioned above), he should have plenty of opportunities down the stretch.

Lacy's touches, production have been down |
Lacy finally got a 20-touch game against the Saints, but not the way it's normally drawn up - 13 rushes and 8 receptions for 21 total touches.

Green Bay Packers' Randall Cobb gets detergent endorsement after fan spills on him -
I'm not sure how we missed this over the weekend, but this is pretty hilarious. Good job, Randall.

How the NFL tracks everything on the field but the ball | The Verge
Have you wondered just how the national broadcasts on CBS and NBC and the like can create some of the crazy graphics on replays that show distances between players, speeds, and other similar information? This is a great read on the application of RFID chips inside shoulder pads that help generate this data.

Justin Houston is the Hoss of the Week -
Sigh. Remember when we thought Houston would be a Packer leading up to the 2011 draft? At least 2012 first-rounder Nick Perry is showing signs of improvement in a limited role this year.