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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 3, 2014

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In this Victory Friday edition of cheese curds, we look back at last night's demolition of the Vikings.

John Konstantaras

On Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers trounced their NFC North rivals from Minnesota at Lambeau Field, and in doing so moved to 3-2 on the season. If you thought Victory Mondays were awesome, Victory Friday is doubly sweet.

The Packers' other reward for their big win is a weekend off, as their next game will come in Miami ten days from now against the Dolphins. With the running game back on track and a defense that's swarming to the football, Packers fans have a lot to be excited about this week.

Eddie Lacy found big holes early |
The Packers running back discusses his big game and some adjustments he made, including staying moving up until and through contact with defenders.

Packers safety Morgan Burnett locks down Vikings' offense | JSOnline
The Packers safety had a big game last night, making several key tackles to prevent first downs and forcing a fumble in the second quarter.

Julius still has some 'Pep' in his step |
Burnett's other key play was reminding Julius Peppers about how to celebrate a touchdown at Lambeau Field.

Packers 42, Vikings 10: Wanting more | ESPN Wisconsin
Aaron Rodgers is not satisfied with the offense's performance in the first half: "Two touchdowns in three drives and then we kind of went stagnant for a while, so that’s disappointing."

"Chips Report" from Packers Week 5 Win vs. Vikings | Cheesehead TV
When the cow chips go to your backup quarterback who's not playing because of injury but because of the score and a second-string tight end, that's a good sign that you had a good game.

The gamble that ruined Jay Cutler's day and gave the Packers a win -
In yesterday's curds, we had a breakdown of the film on Clay Matthews' interception against the bears last see that play through the eyes of Tramon Williams as Stephen White breaks it down.