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Eddie Lacy "Felt Great" During His Big Thursday Night Performance

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The Packers' leading rusher discusses his first big game of the 2014 season and what helped him turn it around on Thursday.

John Konstantaras

Coming into Thursday, Eddie Lacy had averaged a mere 3.05 yards per carry on the ground for the Green Bay Packers while only rushing for a total of 161. That ranked the 2013 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year near the bottom of the league in yards, outside the top-25 league-wide.

Against the Minnesota Vikings, Lacy was finally able to get back to his old self that helped him rush for 1,178 on the ground during the regular season of his rookie year. In Green Bay's 42-10 trouncing of the Vikings, Lacy ran only 13 times, but finished with a season-high 105 on the ground with a whopping 8.1 yards per attempt.

"Overall, it was a much better performance this week than weeks previous," Lacy said after the home victory, "but I think we had a great game plan coming into this one being able to run off the pads and our offensive linemen being able to reach their blocks.

"One thing I noticed that I did and coach (Sam) Gash pointed out was ... when I made my decision, I made it and I just got my pad level down and drove and made whoever had to hit me make it a tough hit on their behalf instead of slowing down and hitting and hitting air breaks."

On the Packers' second drive of the game, Lacy broke loose for his two biggest runs of the young season on back-to-back plays, with one going for 18 and the other 29. After the 29-yard scamper, Lacy went right for six yards on just his fourth carry of the game, but at that point he already surpassed his previous season-best 48 yards and reached 58.

"It felt great," Lacy said, "the offensive linemen opened up big holes and it's just all about hitting it and getting in north and south."

For his first touchdown on the night, Lacy bounced off the line of scrimmage on the left side after going nowhere, but then cut the play back to the right side of the field and dove in for a 10-yard score.

"It was just natural reaction to run the other way, I didn't know what was there or who was there, but it ended up working so it's a positive play." Lacy said.

To be honest, Lacy's second trip to the end zone made you forget about his first score. He took Vikings safety Robert Blanton over the goal line with him after popping the third-year defensive back's helmet off:


"I stretched it a little too far, but it opened up and when it did, it was just me and the safety." Lacy said. "It's a business decision on his behalf, and so I just lowered my pads and it just went from there.

"Whenever I made my decision I just stuck with it and got my pads north and south verses making a decision and hitting the air brakes whenever I see a DB."

Green Bay faced tough defensive fronts through the first three weeks against Seattle, New York and Detroit, but after a disappointing showing against the league's worst run defense in Chicago last week, a bit of concern started to grow. Lacy looks to be back on track as the Packers will now begin game planning for their next opponent as they head to Miami to face the Dolphins a week from Sunday.

"Once we get on the same page and everybody's focused, whether it's a short week or not, we're capable of putting up points."