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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 30, 2014

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It's not an earth-shattering strategy by any means, but the Packers' plans for the bye week are simple and straight to the point, and they are exactly what needs to be done.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With the Green Bay Packers getting some time off during their bye week, today's cheese curds are all over the place and the lede for this morning's article is a bit difficult to create.

Let's just start with this: get healthy and get better. As you'll see, that's the gist of what the team hopes to accomplish this week as they prepare for their rematch with the Bears next Sunday night. Beyond that, let's at least be happy that we don't have a head coach that makes excuses and deflects blame when the team plays poorly - it seems that one other NFC team's fans are upset with their coach for doing just that.

Improved health and self-scouting Packers' bye week goal - JSOnline
With several starters banged up including Morgan Burnett, Sam Shields, and T.J. Lang, the first part of the headline will be critical.

Packers' D can't survive on turnovers alone - ESPN
The defense got shredded by the Bears until they forced a pair of Jay Cutler interceptions, so it's not like this is a surprise. Against quarterbacks like Drew Brees, there have to be other ways to get stops.

Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game to return to Fox Cities Stadium |
Here's some nice bye week news. Jordy took over the softball game last year from Donald Driver, and #87 is going to be doing it again next June.

The Julius Peppers play was schematic genius |
Normally we don't go with Ask Vic in curds, but this is worth it for his breakdown of the play with Peppers split out wide and his phrase "pencil-whipped."

Davante Adams Becomes Part of Elite Rookie Wide Receiver Class | Cheesehead TV
Adams is poised to have a better rookie season than Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb had, and with some improvement, he could have a better year than Greg Jennings' first season as well.

Texas A&M is throwing way back to 1939 leather uniforms -
Okay, these throwback helmets are ridiculously cool. The fake-rust look on the facemask straps is just awesome. Don't you wish the Packers did something more like this with their blue and gold throwbacks?

Jeff Fisher can't prepare for Aldon Smith and the 49ers because of the NFL -
The "Jeff Fisher Wheel of Excuses" is apparently a thing over at Turf Show Times, though I do think he has a somewhat valid point here.