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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 31st, 2014

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Family is the theme of the day in today's curds, as we look at a pair of Packers' paths to football.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween, Packers fans! As you head out for trick-or-treating with the kids this evening, we encourage you to take any pictures of anything Packers-related that you may stumble upon, whether that involves costumes, carved pumpkins, or anything else you might find.

Meanwhile, here at Acme Packing Company, we'll be giving out cheese curds in exchange for mouse clicks. Here you go!

Today's theme is family - the upbringings and paths to football for a pair of Packers defensive players are under the microscope as both Sam Barrington and Davon House are profiled. We also look back at a great Packers memory on Halloween 20 years ago. Enjoy!

Can the Packers find another way to win? |
As Mike McCarthy notes, the true test of a great team is when it has its identity or primary game plan taken away and still finds a way to win. So far, the Packers haven't really done that yet this season.

Packers linebacker Sam Barrington grew during visits to Ghana | JSOnline
The second-year player has been starting the past few weeks with Jamari Lattimore easing his way back into the lineup, and he's been making some pretty solid plays. Here's a little more on his backstory and his family life.

Roles reverse for House brothers |
Continuing with the family theme, here's a look at how Davon House's older brother Tyreace helped him kick-start his football career in high school.

Green Bay Packers' T.J. Lang won't need ankle surgery - ESPN
We'll address the whole slate of Packers injuries in more detail later today, but this is at least a good sign that Lang will be back sometime soon.

Former Player Calls McCarthy's Coaching in Recent Loss "Out of Character" | Cheesehead TV
Interesting - former Green Bay linebacker Brady Poppinga was vocal this week about the Packers' decisions to throw a pass to Julius Peppers and to call an onside kick.

NFL uniform colors, ranked -
OUTRAGE! How can the Jets' "hunter green" be ranked 8th but the Packers' "dark green" be 20th?

Finally, we close today's Halloween edition of cheese curds with this reminder of one of the greatest uniform customizations in NFL history: