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The Best Packers-Themed Costumes and Pumpkins of Halloween 2014

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With today being Halloween, we decided to check out all the crazy costumes and pumpkin carvings that Packers fans are creating.

Joe Robbins

In case you're living under a rock, today is Halloween, which means that in many areas, you can expect to see small, sugar-addicted people knocking on your door asking for handouts to feed their addiction. But that's okay, because they dress up like silly things. And then there's that whole tradition about cutting up a large orange gourd to express oneself.

In a vacuum, we might think these things are absurd. But because they're tradition, they're charming, silly, and sometimes incredibly awesome. With that in mind, here are a few of the best examples we could find of great Packers-related costumes and pumpkin carvings this week.

The Packers themselves got us started with some great pumpkin carving examples:

Meanwhile, this guy took it to another level for his gameday attire:

This group costume is pretty hilarious, even if there's no chance these kids knew who Hans and Franz were before the recent State Farm commercial:

This guy is showing his Wisconsin Pride in multiple fashions:

Finally, Packers fullback John Kuhn is apparently a fan of dressing up as a Civil War soldier:

If you have any additions, make sure to tweet them at us at @acmepackingco or include them in the comments!