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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 6, 2014

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We look back at the Packers' Thursday night win and the come-from-ahead loss by a rival on Sunday.

Ronald Martinez

Welcome to Monday, Green Bay Packers fans. In Week 5, the Packers were the only NFC North team to earn a win, as the Bears and Lions gave away winnable games in the late stages, both due in part to some special teams blunders.

As for the Packers, we take a look at some of the keys to their win on Thursday. Meanwhile, a Packers legend is trying to recover from continuing health issues.

Bart Starr on road to recovery |
Our thoughts are once again with the great Packers quarterback as he is now recovering from further health issues. Get well soon, Bart.

Raji sees promise in Pennel |
It's great to see the injured B.J. Raji continuing to take an active interest in the team, and his mentoring of Mike Pennel is a good thing for the rookie.

Blink and you'll miss one key to Aaron Rodgers' success | JSOnline
Rodgers' release is ridiculously fast - so fast that his receivers occasionally aren't ready for it, as Randall Cobb dropped a touchdown pass on Thursday.

Opening a can of you-know-what | ESPN Wisconsin
Mike Daniels and Letroy Guion apparently keep cans of "Whoop-Ass" in their lockers. That seems perfect after Thursday's performance.

Mike McCarthy jokes (seemingly) about using Julius Peppers on offense - ESPN
Why not? With Peppers' size, speed, and apparently good hands (10 picks in his career), they had might as well plug him in at tight end once in a while on the goal line and see what happens.

Bears vs. Panthers final score: 3 things we learned from Carolina's comeback win -
The Bears' special teams are usually a strength, but they certainly weren't on Sunday in Carolina.

NFL bans players from wearing Beats headphones on camera -
We understand that the NFL has a bevy of corporate sponsorships, but I bet that Bose paid a pretty penny for a clause in their contract with the league that states that they'll prevent players from wearing any other brand of headphones.