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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for October 8, 2014

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The Packers receivers are among the best in the NFL when the pocket breaks down around their quarterback.

David Banks

As usual, it's mostly about Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay today. Granted, that's usually the case the day after his weekly radio show on ESPN Wisconsin, but his comments are worthy of some dissection this morning. Among the topics he discussed yesterday were the play of a rookie receiver and his distaste for interceptions, both of which are covered in today's cheese curds below.

Meanwhile, Morgan Burnett is bouncing back nicely from his rough 2012 and has started the season looking like an impact player against the run. We've got a look at a few of his big plays from last Thursday's win.


What You Might've Missed: Scramble drill & safety play |
Mike Spofford breaks down how Aaron Rodgers' receivers got open against the Bears and how decisive play by Morgan Burnett made a big difference against the Vikings.

Rodgers on rookie Adams: 'He's doing a really good job' |
QB12 discusses his rookie receiver and expects him to get more involved in the offense as the year goes on: "The more film you watch of us, the more times you're seeing No. 17 being open."

Aaron Rodgers' view on interceptions: 'Ours or nobody's' - ESPN
Talking about a different topic, Rodgers hates throwing picks, and I mean HATES it. Apparently one rough year in eighth grade stuck with him for the rest of his life, and now he's at nearly a 4-to-1- touchdown-to-pick ratio.

Julius Peppers providing defensive threat Packers have been missing | JSOnline
That big signing this offseason is paying dividends so far. Ty Dunne looks at the impact Peppers has had through five games and how he's making other players better in the process.

Ndamukong Suh's future in Detroit is blurry -
Here's an in-depth look at the big defensive tackle and his contract situation, complete with quotes from both Suh and Lions GM Martin Mayhew.

JJ Watt’s Ideal Cheat Meal Is Very, Very Wisconsin | The Big Lead
We love J.J. Watt here at APC, even if he's a Houston Texan. Here's what Watt would eat if he didn't need to stay in shape: "Burgers, brats, cheese curds, beer, and ice cream."