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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 10, 2014

Last night's game featured the most entertaining first half of football in a long time. Let's take a walk back through how it happened.

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I'm sitting at my desk smiling just thinking about last night's game. The Packers, behind Aaron Rodgers' arm, put up six first-half touchdowns en route to a dominating 55-14 win over the Bears.

But you know all that already.

In today's cheese curds, we're trying to find some interesting tidbits about the games within the game, and things that might not have come up or have been thoroughly explained during the game and the immediate aftermath. Enjoy!

Rodgers makes dismantling Bears look easy |
The quotes from Andrew Quarless and Randall Cobb make you hope that the offense can keep this up - Cobb says this is "normal" and Q says that his quarterback "doesn't surprise" him.

Clay Matthews made centerpiece of Packers defense |
The Packers allowed a season-best 55 rushing yards on the day (though some of that was certainly due to the Bears getting away from the run early), and Matthews had easily his biggest game of the season.

Aaron Rodgers can't play QB position any better |
Well if you want to get technical, Rodgers' couple of incompletions in the second half dropped his passer rating down from around a perfect 158.3 to 145.8. Though if you subscribe to ESPN's total QBR, he got a 99.8 out of 100 last night.

ESPN Wisconsin - 11/09/14 Packers 55, Bears 14: 2-minute drill
The only thumbs-down I could really think of would go to Mike McCarthy for a dumb challenge late in the game. Otherwise, it was as complete a football game as we've seen in a long, long time.

Julius Peppers' speech fired up Green Bay Packers - ESPN
Apparently the former Bear made quite an impression on his Packers teammates before the game, and Tramon Williams said that the team "did everything that he said (to do)."

"Chips Report" from Packers Week 10 Win vs. Bears | Cheesehead TV
As was discussed on Twitter last night, the cow chips are significantly less smelly in a win like this. Still, Matt Flynn struggled once again in his five pass attempts.

ReFocused: Bears at Packers | Pro Football Focus
No surprise - Rodgers, Matthews, and Peppers were highlighted as the Packers' best players in last night's game.