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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 11, 2014

We thank all the veterans on this national holiday as we look back at the Packers' victory two days ago.

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Kena Krutsinger

On this Veterans' Day, we'll start off our curds with a link that is appropriate for today:

Lambeau Field and Packers fans give the greatest military tributes | For The Win
We look back at the salute that the fans gave at Lambeau on Sunday night. We at APC would also like to take a moment to thank all the veterans for your service.

Now on to the football portion of today's curds. This morning, we continue our look back at Sunday's big win and some of the key factors that contributed to it. We also find the Packers' head coach refusing to admit that Clay Matthews' position change is permanent (or even substantial), though he did admit that he made a bonehead move in the second half.


Packers’ leadership taking different forms |
T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton led by example, gutting it out through injury, while Julius Peppers' speech helped fire up the troops on Sunday night.

Notes - Packers' passing offense is flying high | JSOnline
Suddenly, the efficiency in the passing game is at elite levels - Green Bay now ranks second in the league in yards per attempt. Also, McCarthy admits what we all knew - his challenge in the second half was a poor decision.

Packers get creative, Hyde defensive changes |
Micah Hyde's insertion as the primary nickel back (ahead of Davon House and Casey Hayward) helped pay dividends, both in run support and in shutting down Bears tight end Martellus Bennett.

Green Bay Packers coaches believe Jarrett Boykin blocked Chicago punt - ESPN
Shawn Slocum is campaigning to have Jarrett Boykin's forced fumble on the punt reclassified as a block in the official stats because the punter released the ball towards his leg.

Despite great results, McCarthy says 'Clay Matthews is not an inside linebacker' | FOX Sports Wisconsin
Well you say that now, Mac...let's see what happens over the next few wees.

What every Packer fan is thinking after Week 10 -
Okay, the overdone accent is a bit much (and no self-respecting Wisconsinite would pronounce "bratwurst" or "Fond Du Lac" that way), but it's worth a watch for the Chmura joke.

The Simpsons monorail song if it featured Marc Trestman
Fans of the iconic TV show will recognize one of its finest moments, and Packers fans can laugh at the slick sales pitch of the Bears' coach in Phil Hartman's voice.